Inwarium Online

Our vision

The vision of our company is to achieve more in the world of cryptocurrencies to serve a purpose. We also plan to attract people who are not in the crypto world to enter it.
By playing the game, they are automatically introduced to cryptocurrencies. We will add carefully explained tutorials on how to be safe – step by step videos. Our projects will not be short-lived but will have a long-term purpose. We don’t look at the game as a quick payout but we really want to provide the full FPS gaming experience. In this way, players will be able to combine the comfortable with the useful, play the game and enjoy, and along the way earn - which will encourage them to be better.
We are looking for our project to stand out from other ones as a well-established project, a project that involved a lot of money and effort. Also, we want our project to be fully legitimate and professional. Since this is our first project of this kind, we know it's gonna be hard but we are not even thinking about letting our hands from it, we will strive to succeed.
We hope for the best and we will make it that way so that later we can implement all our background ideas into Inwarium Online to become one big place full of useful informations, knowledge and success from all sides.