Inwarium Online

The professional gamer

To be a professional gamer, to earn money with your gaming skill is near impossible. It takes a lot of dedication, skill, practice and time to be a professional gamer, and 99% of people fail, because they don’t have any start up incentive to go on. We have developed a simple answer. Solved -The player downloads a free game from our servers -He creates an online wallet, and adds it to the game -The player starts a singleplayer mode “Quarantine” or other, and completes levels and missions, and by doing so, he is rewarded with tokens for his success.
The player can choose the difficulty of the level or trial and with that can change the amount of tokens he’s rewarded.
When the wallet reaches a milestone amount the player will be given the opportunity to enter an online by ladder board tournament, or battle royale.
The battle royale is also reward incentivized but for the most players, not only the best.
The host sets a buy in threshold, and all the players pay it, for instance, 100 tokens times 100 players make 10.000 tokens. The reward is not simply given to the best player but is distributed proportionally to each player based on his kill score at the end of the game. With that system in place, each player can get his buyin back and earn tokens.
The game will have an item marketplace so the players can customize their character/equipments and feel more unique, which will use the Inwarium token ($IWR).
In the end the players will be self-incentivized to continue playing and getting better.
We have chosen to use this as the first Inwarium project because it doesn’t obligate the users to buy the tokens, but earn them instead. And of course to show that we are serious about making other simple and more complex programs, dapps and sites.