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Meet our team

We are a company of young people who help each other and we work a lot on the mutual relationships. No one is afraid to ask something and because of such a relationship we believe in success.
Inwarium Online Team
Tomislav "When I first saw the bitcoin chart jump up and down, it was fascinating and I became interested." After countless trades, currency holdings, mining bitcoin and etherum, investing in a few different projects and assisting various crypto projects, he started speaking about their own project with his partner Robert. In 2021, the idea was born and work began on the Inwarium Online project.
Robert A businessman, who at the end of his schooling began to turn his passion for computers into a business. The further and only logical path was development towards the IT world. From the very beginning, when cryptocurrencies were a secret for most of the world, his interest in the field began. Interest in cryptocurrency started in early 2010 but in 2017 he decided that it is the right time to enter the world from which he has not left since and it has become the only and primary activity to which he devoted all his time. All this will lead to how he became an experienced connoisseur of the crypto world through years of experience, designing with his friend Tomislav Inwarium online. Jaka Started with crypto graphic design in 2021 inspired by various nft projects. Worked on a couple of small projects. Now, with Inwarium Online his journey into design will continue. Ivan He has been working as a trader and scalper for 2+ years. Very familiar with the crypro market, and he works on social networks and is well acquainted with the algorithm for advertising, promotion and marketing. Misel 3D cad expert, mathematical analysis and computer hardweer adept. Started his crypto run in late 2015 when he started with minning.
Tomislav His passion are books, math and games. Developer for a 4+ years in C# and Unity.