Inwarium Online
The game creation
Creating a modern computer game requires knowledge in programming, coding, artwork, storytelling, writing, animation, networking, drawing, 3D modeling, texturing, testing, voice acting, research, a team of workers, funds, and most of all time. Today's gaming companies have hundreds of workers creating a single game. This is why smaller companies have trouble creating video games of their own, not to mention before they release their first game the company has to keep itself afloat. There are also lots of freelancers interested in making video games, but are unable to find work and if they eventually do find it, they run the risk of not getting paid after they have done the work or the development company risks not getting the desired product but already having paid for it. Solved
  • The individual or firm acquires the Inwarium token ($IWR) by buying it from the exchange.
  • The individual or firm registers on the website and transfers the funds to his/the firm's personal web wallet.
  • The individual/firm then opens a smart contract and posts his/its required product description and/or reference material. They must specify a time frame (the minimum being determined by the size of the reward, the minimum and maximum number of participants, the size of the reward and all technical requirements/details, along with the output program or file type in which they require the finished product.
  • Because game creation has so many aspects, the range of products the individual/firm can request will also be very diverse, but they also must provide some basis for the product they require, such as: -General game setting or idea for the complete or partial story.
-Idea or sketch for the conceptual artwork design of the world.
-Conceptual artwork for a working draft of the world, characters, items, vehicles, etc.
-A working draft for a 3D model. A 3D model for a model with textures. 3D model for a rigged 3D model.
-Character concept for complete characterization and dialogue. -Dialogues for voice-acting. -Complete content for in-game/trailer animations. -Complete content for game engine implementation.
  • The freelancers then review the job details, and if they find that they can finish the job in the required time and have the skills needed to do it, they download the content provided by the firm and by doing that engage in the other part of the smart contract.
  • All participants on the website have a personal reputation score, if the participants have a high negative reputation score they are banned from the website.
  • Every freelancer participating that has a minimum positive reputation score earns a small amount of the initial reward. And if the best drawing/model/video is chosen within their pool they gain positive reputation regardless of their current reputation score.
  • When the first timeframe is over the individual/firm is allowed to preview part of the work of (on an online viewer/reader/player) all of the freelancers and choose the best product which then gains a majority of the reward and the individual/firm is then allowed to download the entire content. Alternatively if the individual/firm does not choose the product, the website then creates another identical job from which the people who participated in the original one are excluded from participating. A small portion of the remaining reward is then again redistributed among the new participants and the individual/firm then again has the option to enlarge the reward to its original size or more and can choose to reward the best product with the remainder of the reward fund. This is repeated until the reward is spent. Each time the product is not chosen within the pool all the participants gain negative reputation.
  • If the individual/firm does not choose a work to download and reward in any of the pools then they themselves earn a negative score. -If the individual/firm has a negative reputation score before uploading a work contract, all participants will not attain negative reputation, regardless of the outcome of the pool, positive reputation gains are still viable.
  • Additionally the individual/firm who posted the job is allowed to choose an option that only participants who have registered with their ID credentials are allowed to join the pool. (Users that register with their ID credentials automatically gain minimum positive reputation required to earn rewards from the pool.)
  • The person selected for the best work is rewarded with additional positive reputation points along with the majority of the pool reward.
We personally plan to use the site to help finish our own multiplayer FPS "Inwarium Online" (currently being developed in Unity engine).
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