Inwarium Online
The promotion
When a lot of businesses start, they often come to the problem of: β€žhow do I get people to try my product β€œ. This problem is already solved of course, with companies that specialize in advisement, with online, radio and television advertisement etc... But the bigger problem is that many of these solutions require a somewhat large upfront capital investment. Solved
The business acquires the token by buying it on an exchange, then they log on the site or the mobile app for the decentralized advertisement. They describe (or upload a predesigned pamphlet for) the products that they want promoted and offer the reward in the form of the Inwarium tokens ($IWR). Also noting the area, city, country or website that they want to product to be promoted on. The firm then sets the discount for the product (5%, 10%-15 %... or other reward) They provide (if any) recommendations and/or limitations on how to/or how not to promote the product, and set the timeframe in which they accept new promoters to register. They activate the smart contract that enables that any product sold that has a wallet code as discount verification, must send part of the tokens to that address. The person or firm that does the promoting has to put their/its wallet for the token on the pamphlet before downloading the content, and by doing so engage in the other part of the smart contract. Any freelancer designer, promoter, salesman that has registered with the site or app can download the pamphlet or create a new one for the product, and distribute it, in any way they can. Once the timeframe has ended, no new promoters can register with the contract, and the promotion is considered active. Any person that receives the pamphlet, card, or any other promotion material has to type in or scan the wallet "code" to be able to get the discount.
In the end, the business gets to sell their product, the promoter gets the tokens for a job well done, and the customer gets the discount.
We plan to use the "the promotion" site to promote the Inwarium token, its sites and all other apps.
The site and apps will have ads on it, and from the money acquired from them a portion will go to maintain and improvement of the site/apps, and the other larger part will be used to buy the Inwarium token ($IWR) to raise its price.
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