Inwarium Online

Our mission

Our mission is to integrate the blockchain system into an attractive FPS game with a new experience of making profit from playing.
Players own in-game items that have a real word value and In-game NFTs with a marketplace where only players decide the value of the NFT items. What about investing hundreds or thousands of hours into a game by playing and getting nothing except levels and ranking. When players decide to quit a game, they would get absolutely nothing from the game, even worse, they have to start all over again with the new game. With Inwarium Online, these hundreds/thousands of hours will be rewarded with tokens and leveled gear will be worth some value as the resulting NFT assets can be traded in the marketplace. It allows the users to “sell the NFTs” and transfer the value into the new game and convert it into an equivalent value to continue investing their time in the new game.
We can see that the value of items grows over time parallel to token growth.
The whole Inwarium Online project is a mission that guides every aspect of our project by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth. As well our mission is to provide outstanding experiences to our players/users, additional rewarding opportunities for our still growing team, and superior value to our early investors.