A clear roadmap for all of our projects with precise milestones will be uploaded once we determine the public's interest and support for this first project. For now, we will start with one of our more ambitious ideas, and will disclose others that are simple and can share without giving away our best programs.

Team Formation
Marketing Research
Website development​
Proof of concept / game video​
Social media ​ Airdrop / Giveaways

Partnership & Marketing​
SCAd (Smart Contract development/gov. token) ​
IDO & Listing​
Staking ​​
SCAd (Smart contract development/in-game token) NFT marketplace + NFT sale

Marketing Phase2 ​
Airdrop / Giveaways ​ Military Base sale (lands)
Quests for Sp-Coop / Quarantine mode
Pre-Alpha release (whitelisted users) User profile stats

Marketing Phase3
Mobile version launch
Closed Beta game release
Open Beta game release Events

Marketing Phase34 New Seasons Tournaments and ClanWars Airdrops / Giveaways​
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PHASE1 Q1/2022​
PHASE2 Q2/2022​
PHASE3 Q3/2022​
PHASE4 Q4/2022​
PHASE5 Q1/2023​