Inwarium Online

The forum

When an individual requires assistance or a solution to a particular problem, he often searches for the solution online, but many of the problems are too specific to find a valid answer, he then turns to online forums. When an individual poses a question on the forum, he has no guarantee that the answer itself will be helpful, not to mention it can take days or longer to get an answer, because the participants of the forum aren't incentivized enough to provide a valid answer and as quickly as possible. Given that some or most of these problems can result in financial loss, the individual in question would gladly pay to have the answer as quickly as possible. Solved
  • The individual acquires Inwarium tokens ($IWR) by buying it from the exchange.
  • The individual registers on the website and transfers the funds to his personal web wallet.
  • The individual then posts his question, the specifics of the problem, the reward for solving the problem, the time-frame (which can't be less than 5 hours) in which he requires his answer, and the minimum and maximum amount of people in the answer pool.
  • All participants on the website have a personal reputation score, if the participants have a high negative reputation score, they are banned from the website.
  • Everybody participating that has a minimum positive reputation score earns a small amount of the initial reward. And if the answer is found within their pool, they gain positive reputation regardless of their current reputation score.
  • The individual is allowed to choose the best answer which then gains a majority of the reward; alternatively, if the individual does not choose the answer, the website then creates another identical post from which the people who participated in the original one are excluded from participating. A small portion of the remaining reward is then again redistributed among the new participants and the individual then again has the option to reward the best answer with the remainder of the reward fund. This is repeated until the original reward is spent. Each time the answer is not found within the pool all the participants gain negative reputation.
  • If the original poster has a negative reputation score, all participants will not attain negative reputation, regardless of the outcome of the pool, positive reputation gains are still viable.
  • Additionally, the individual who poses the question is allowed to choose an option that only participants who have registered with their ID credentials are allowed to join the pool. Users that register with their ID credentials automatically gain minimum positive reputation required to earn rewards from the pool.
  • The person selected for the best answer is rewarded with additional positive reputation points along with the majority of the pool reward.
We personally plan to use the "Forum" site when we start the "the business compensation", "the solar ", "the used item" , "the housing", "the mileage", "the meal", "the charity", "the Braille", "the takeout", "the hub", "the taxation", "the scavenger hunt" and seven others. All of these programs require a lot more input, information and are much more complex to implement a solution for without help and feedback.